December 27, 2019

1000+ Sign Ups! 🥳

Shayan Javadi @shawnjavadi

Holy crap! I woke up today and checked my phone, and could not believe my eyes!

1033 people have signed up for Solfej (!

It feels extremely rewarding to know that something that was just an idea a couple of months ago is now in the hands of people helping them learn music theory.

I’ll take another five minutes to be in awe and then back to work. Next stop is 10k 💪🏽

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    Congrats ! It's a great idea ! Even after 15 years I still struggle with music theory.
    small feedback, you should have built it on Web ! I don't see the point for having specific mobile development iOS and Android separatly ;)

    1. 1

      Thank you! Music theory is a tough nut to crack!

      It is a web app :)

      I made it with React + Capacitor. I’m just releasing the versions one at a time!

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        Sweet, great choice ! Waiting for the Web/Android version of it. Good luck with the launch

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    Congrats. It is definitely a great product that many people need it.

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