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🎉 200+ subscribers in 12 hrs from ProductHunt

We launched Softr on ProductHunt upcoming and got 200+ subscribers in 12 hours - https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/softr. We would love to hear your feedback and criticism to help us improve!

⚡️Softr aims to help define the next level of software building, and enable everyone to go beyond just being a user, and create technology themselves, with no coding skills. ⚡️

The Website Builder 🙌

Have an idea? Want to validate hypotheses and build an audience? We want to help startups launch a complete website, fast! Instead of messing up with endless number of elements and designs, Softr provides rich library of building blocks to build a website within just minutes.

The Web-App Builder 🙌

Are you a non-technical founder? Are you having hard time finding a tech co-founder or a reliable engineer? In today's world, almost everything runs on code, and we want to give everyone the chance to build web-apps without an engineer. Softr allows you build the next Airbnb, Uber, Upwork within days, at scale.

If you are curious and want to get super early access before we launch officially, subscribe here 👉- https://www.softr.io

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    Depending on how many features you have, it may be better to have a feature flag table and when the user subscribes to a plan, update that table for the user/team. Then you just have to account for which plans have which features defaulted.

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