First paying customer 2 hours after launch!

Wow, this feels like a real achievement, and such a great feeling to see the first Stripe email for the first paying customer! That's when you realize you have made something people get real value out of.

Our small team at Softr worked really hard for months, bootstrapping, alongside with our full-time jobs, to finally launch Softr.io's first public version to the world, on May 12th. We sent our launch email to our 1000+ subscribers (entrepreneurs, makers, startups) and the ones who converted were from the list.
We had our second paying customer the same day later. Even though this is not our end goal for Softr as a product, and the journey is just starting, but it's really empowering to already see real customers using/buying your product and asking for more :)

This community helped us tremendously with their own stories, achievements and sharing their milestones, so we hope to do the same and help others alongside our journey. Hope to post even more exciting updates here soon!


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