October 18, 2019

5000 Podcast Downloads

Michaela @Madamdo

Wohoo! The Software Engineering Unlocked Podcast reached over 5000 downloads.

One of the episodes with Leif Singer from Automattic did quite well on HackerNews and brought in another 500 downloads.

I also mirror the podcast on its own podcast YouTube channel, and one of the videos got a bit of traction and has now 1.2k views.

Also, the Twitter account grew steadily to over 1000 followers.
Overall, I'm satisfied with the progress. People seem to enjoy the content, and I really enjoy producing the show.

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    whoa!, congrats @Madamdo, this is Awesome, subscribed!
    became a complementary with SE Daily podcast,

    and probably you wanted to check your site, in the about section, there's typo, :s/Visulal/Visual

    good stuff, thanks!

    1. 1

      Cool! Glad to are a subscriber now! I’ll double check for typos!

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    Awesome! Congrats!

    I just checked out the site. Love it. Just subscribed and followed on twitter!

    One critique. Put the description of what the podcast is about on the first page. I had to dig a bit to the "About Us" to find out.

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      Wonderful! Good suggestion! I’ll work on it.

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    Also, maybe a stupid question - what do you use to make the audio into a video? Any tips on tools? (I'm asking all the stupid questions in preparation for doing a podcast myself one day!) 😊

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      Headliner is a good one... there are a couple others but I can’t remember the names

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    That's great progress! :)

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      Hey Rosie, no stupid question at all. I use Adobe Premiere to render the video and create a background image with Canva.com. Then I animate one part of the picture inside Adobe, just to make it look a bit better, insert the mp3, and voila, it is done.

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