August 30, 2019

The first podcast episode is live!

Michaela @Madamdo

Yeah! The 1 episode of the Software Engineering Unlocked podcast is live 🚀😍

In this episode, talk to Cassidy Williams, a senior software engineer at CodePen about
🎙️working remotely at a small but thriving start-up
🎙️changing tech stacks from Ruby on Rails to React and GraphQL
🎙️finding a fulfilling career
🎙️and making tech a more welcoming place through humor.

I'm so thrilled I finally launched the podcast!
You can find the episode here:

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    Great Job! Kudos!

  2. 1

    Hey, @Madamdo i'd love to chat with you about your podcast experience. I'm working on AudioStaq and am looking to interview any podcaster willing to talk. Shoot me an email at gabriel[at] Should take no longer then 15min or so.

    1. 1

      Hey Gabriel, sure. I'm up for that. I'm going on holidays soon, but we can do it once I'm back. Shoot me an email after the 15th of September! Email in profile.

  3. 1


    Did you submit it to PodHunt yet? 😉

    1. 1

      No, I did not dare to. But, I’d love too. Should I wait for Monday?

      1. 1

        Totally up to you for when, but do it for sure, the whole purpose of the site is to surface new interesting podcasts!

        I'm finding I'm getting more traffic on the weekend than I expected, maybe podcast listening is a weekend thing for people being out of the office etc.

        1. 1

          Hey, I'm just in the process of filling out the submission form, but I can't see how to add a preview piece people can listen to. I saw some of the podcasts have that... Do I have to go through another route to be able to do that?
          Thanks for the help!

          1. 1

            Uploading the previews comes after of the regular submission process.

            Previews are currently limited to supporters shows, but I'm happy to upload one for you myself. Send me the link to the preview on Twitter (or email it to me).

            1. 2

              Hey Mubs, thanks for letting me know and thanks for offering to upload it as an exception.

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    Congrats for this, Michaela!

    I found it pretty helpful to see the show notes that put timestamp. Good luck for the upcoming episodes.

    1. 1

      Thank you! I plan to keep doing it. Great to hear it’s useful!

  5. 1

    Happy and excited about this one!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Got interviewed by IH about how I grew Thankbox
    I was super happy to be invited to do an interview with IH about my journey building Thankbox. I spent a lot of time on it and aimed to capture as muc