📖 400 paid readers of Software Ideas!

Over the weekend, Software Ideas hit 400 readers!

I'll be honest, I never expected to hit 400 in under four months. When I started, I was probably hoping to hit 500 within a year, and I would have considered that ambitious!

I think the main reason for such rapid growth has been all the work I did early on in making sure I nailed the positioning of the product early on. If you'd like to read more about that, you can check out my summary here

I'm eternally grateful to the 400+ people who are supporting this newsletter, and I'm excited to keep growing Software Ideas to 1,000 readers!

  1. 2

    Just one thing makes me curious about your business model- once people get the ideas to start something new, do you think they'll still renew subscription or you you plan on bringing in new readers to replace them?

  2. 1

    Hey man,
    Been following your progress and very glad to get this news.
    Everytime I see your growth numbers a deeper question hits me, which I wanted to ask you.
    What are your plans to grow this into?

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