October 30, 2020

Launched a FREE tool: Reactions

Louis Nicholls @louisswiss

Reactions is our latest tool drop to help newsletter creators grow and understand their audience better.

@manuel_frigerio and I noticed that a lot of newsletter creators are desperate to interact with and understand your newsletter subscribers better - but asking people to fill out a form/reply to emails just doesn't result in a lot of people taking part.

That's why we built Reactions. It's super easy to add a one-click poll to your newsletter.

Ask your subscribers a question, and let them answer by clicking on an emoji (or multiple-choice text answer).

When someone reacts, they're taken to your custom thank-you page. Where you can display the results of the poll, ask them for more detailed feedback, or nudge them to share your newsletter on social media.

We're seeing people using this for running NPS surveys, getting feedback to improve their newsletter quality, and running polls to better understand their readers.

Check it out on Product Hunt today... and - if you have any questions or suggestions - please let us know!