February 20, 2020

Launched Proof - a free tool for newsletters

Louis Nicholls @louisswiss

Today we launched a new, free tool to help newsletter creators convert more visitors into subscribers...

You can use it to increase trust and easily display subscriber metrics anywhere on your website...

โœ… use it as social proof

โœ… quick, no-code install

โœ… auto-updates (no more updating by hand)

For now it only works if your newsletter uses ConvertKit, but more ESPs should be coming soon...


Why build this?

This is our first attempt at 'product marketing'. We noticed that displaying subscriber metrics on a newsletter landing page is a really useful way of increasing conversion rates, but many newsletter creators don't do it because it's a pain to have to update the numbers manually.

By giving away this useful tool for free, we hope that it makes it easier for us to identify newsletter creators who would really benefit from the 'main' SparkLoop product, so we can start a conversation with them about trying it out.

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