October 10, 2019

Launched accidentally on PH and be #1 of the day

Amie Chen @hyperyolo

Spider (the free version) helped me gather lots of use cases and valuable contacts. Armed with the new knowledge, I set out to create a much better version - Spider Pro.

Spider Pro ended up pretty close to what I imagined. It fulfilled my personal use case and made the #indiehacker in me very happy and satisfied.

I accidentally launched the Spider Pro one week earlier on ProductHunt and woke up in cold sweat from my phone buzzing like crazy. Somehow at 3 am I decided just went with it and it became #1 Product of the day and #5 Product of the week! How crazy!


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    That is amazing! Congrats on the success :D

    But haha how did you accidentally launch?

    1. 2

      Yeah also want to know how the accident happened.

    2. 1

      I scheduled Spider to launch on a 8/23 originally, but then changed my mind (because I think it wasn't ready) and changed the launch date to be something like 8/30. However, their site didn't seem to save my changes though everything seemedd updated on my end. That's a lesson learned - when using PH site it's better to refresh it to make sure everything is saved correctly!

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Yes! Spider relies on user to trigger the click to scrape - so unless you intentionally wanted to scrape an empty/pre-ajax page(but why?), Spider should work just fine.

      To your 2nd question, I say it's quite hard to block a browser extension... I don't really have a strategy but Spider doesn't store anything user scraped nor aware of that.