October 10, 2019

v.1 is finally here!

Amie Chen @hyperyolo

1.5 months since the launch on PH, the v1 update is finally here🥳! It's the result of listening to everyone's feedback and answering to support tickets. Some big changes:

  • A trial
  • A license service
  • A powerful point-and-click selectors that fix 99% of issues I have received
  • Better scraping results
  • A whole new marketing site with a live demo for people to play around

The next step is to make lots and lots of videos. Mainly I'd like to re-reply every support ticket and refund request with a video of how the v1 could solve their issues. Let's see how it goes.

Overall, I think this is an update that makes Spider Pro more usable and friendly. My favorite is the live demo on the tryspider.com - please go try it and tell me what you think!


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      I think monthly subscription only make sense when user are using it almost every day. I figured no one is going to use Spider everyday and also, personally I really dislike subscription model and try really hard to sign up for one (haha). It probably means I'd earn less but I definitely feel better that way.

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        Cover all bases... that is what I did for Flookup.
        I figured that some users might just need it for a month, so I created for them that option. The rest can go for a year or a lifetime.