November 22, 2020

Crossed 200 MRR

Tobias Lins @tobiaslins

After changing our pricing to a better model we finally feel some growth.
The 7th customer just upgraded to the pro plan so we crossed 200$ MRR.

This is quite a huge milestone for us and we're looking forward to our next milestone -> 500MRR!

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    Big fan of the blogs, I learn a lot from you guys, keep it up and following the journey!

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    Congrats @tobiaslins! What is the tech stack of your website. It looks Lit!

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      Thanks!! :)
      we‘ve written a short post about the stack:

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    Great to hear that Tobias, congratulation on crossing that milestone! 🤩

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    congrats, your site looks great too! What changes to your model led to this improvement?

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      Hey @graeme

      We initially had just one free plan for 1k monthly active users which and after that 79$/month.

      This was no good pricing for websites with lower traffic/much revenue.

      We changed to a more generous free plan and paid plans starting at 19$ a month including 50k events.

      All features are included in the free plan (but no multi account support)

      1. 1

        yeah that looks like a good tweak - it's cool how you can increase the paid plan based on usage too.. I was reading about value metrics here, kindof similar approach

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    The product looks great, I'm sure it'll go places.

    Congratulations on the MRR milestone.

    How's this different from Plausible Analytics?

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      Thank you! :)

      I will work on a comparison page in the future.
      Basically, Splitbee is much more than a simple analytics tool.

      So the main "Analytics Dashboard" is pretty similar, Splitbee's is just completely real-time (you can watch the numbers go up) & we allow you to send custom data on events that you can drill down later on. Eg.: "Click CTA" and custom data could be position="header" or "body"

      Now you could drill down to that Event and see where the CTA was clicked.

      Also, Splitbee allows you to dig, into your users like in Mixpanel you can few each individual user, set custom attributes.
      It allows you to run email, telegram & webhook automations after a user fired an event.
      You can build funnels to see the drop of rate.
      You can run A/B tests

      I think my introduction video on the landing page wraps it up quite nice in 1.2 minutes!

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