Beta released in the App store

We knew we had to release our app into the app store to gain more users faster and easier. We also knew we had to release an Android version of the app to access a larger pool of potential users. And we did just that! Not only did we release in the iOS store and therefore dropped the Testflight churn, but we released the Android version as well.
To celebrate all this we had a launch party with DJ, drinks and food from the grill and invited users and friends. We had test booths were users could participate in challenges and therefore test the app. It was quite fun and the feedback was great!

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    Awesome! Congrats on the milestone and best wishes moving forward.

    Can you explain what you mean by dropping the TestFlight churn? Do you mean how I send users to a landing page for my Beta, but then they have to 1. Install TestFlight before they can 2. Install the Beta, which is too tedious for most people? :P

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