October 12, 2019

99 users, 929$ in revenue, 1000+ SQL queries

Anatoli Makarevich @makaroni4


99 users
929$ in revenue
users took 400+ lessons
users wrote 1000+ SQL queries
tons of feedback


  1. The name is not clear: SQL Habit

Yeah, that's bummer and I'm working on a better copy atm.

The course is only partly about SQL. It's more about the habit of making data driven/informed decisions in product and marketing.

  1. What one will learn from the course?

Totally missed that point. A big learning for me!

Working a new copy to explain that one will learn about how data is collected and stored in web and mobile apps, what metrics exist in product and marketing, how to measure them and finally – advanced SQL to work with data.

  1. What level the course teaches?

So glad IH community helped me with this one!

The course starts at 0 knowledge about data or SQL and ends in the very very advanced. Thinking about the new copy atm.

  1. People started typing SQL in the text input of the exercise result.

That's a very interesting design issue! Added a detailed explainer on how to use SQL editor on the website + planned a couple of lessons on what happens when one runs SQL query.


September: 40 / 220 lessons are published
October: 117 / 240 lessons are published

Planning to finish the course in the late November.


  • I've lowered the prices by 40% and will keep an early bird sale till the moment I finish the course.

  • Working on the email flow atm – I'll include a welcome survey to get feedback why and how people are using SQL Habit for a bigger discount.

Stay tuned and thanks a lot for help ❤️

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    Nice stats - any numbers on conversion rate, number of visits that got you those 99, or marketing budget?

    Also, seems like you learned a lot from the feedback, which is great - those points are definitely important. It seems like most of them revolve around getting into the head of the buyer/user, so maybe that is something you should try to practice going forward 😊

    Lastly, cool that you have the number of queries made, numbers like those always get me excited when I visit landing pages.. so maybe consider displaying a counter somewhere - it would convince me. I think it indicates credibility/social proof, like its own form of testimonials.

    1. 1

      I'm totally blown away by these numbers too, seeing people actually learning with SQL Habit. Thanks a lot for the idea of showing those numbers – I will add a section on the homepage!

      Marketing budget is 0, I just posted it on Twitter + IH, got a couple of retweets from marketing influencers.

      I don't focus on signup conversions yet (funny because a lot in the course is about it). Now I focus mainly on building a product and finishing the content. Since I don't have a team I have to prioritize: content and product first, everything else is out of focus for now.

      1. 1

        Glad I could help 👍🏼 That's good traction at $0, do you have any idea about where people mostly came from, IH, or twitter?

        Make sense about focusing on content; it's always a balance though of course. ⚖️

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    That's amazing, congrats!

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    My startup for sure will be called noSQLhabit.com.

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    name ideas for you for free $$$

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