October 23, 2020

Donated 50 trees


I've reached the milestone of donating 50 trees from my Gumroad earnings of my E-book Start With A Side-Project, each tree was gifted to a buyer, so they received a nice E-card with a thank you :)

For visualisation, here are 50 trees:

I'm not an environmental activist but you just can't stay indifferent and ignore the state of our planet, here is a video about the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAZAKPUQMw0

There is obviously more to it than just "fixing up" the Amazon Rainforest, but this is a start.

We need to be more vigilant and take care of our planet better.

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    Congrats! Might I ask how and where your donated the trees? I'm currently evaluating an idea for a project in the tree-planting space. πŸ˜ƒ

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      Hey Jonas, thanks!
      I've used www.onetreeplanted.org for this. They are non-profit organization.

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