September 2, 2019

100K Visitors!

Pat Walls @patwalls

Nearly 2 years later, we finally hit it!

Over 100K visitors to for the month of August 2019.

Although this number doesn't mean anything, it feels pretty crazy!

Late last year it was at 30k/month - which also felt nuts at the time!

Here's a look at my very first month two years ago, where just 1200 people visited the site!!

There is no magic formula to traffic/growth/revenue.

I just made progress on the site and released content every day, for almost two years now.

I did everything myself at first. I nailed down every process.

And nowadays, I'm focused on building a small team and scaling more! I now have three freelancers working on the project now.

Last month we published 59 interviews along with the help of Pigeon.

If you haven't seen - I've been writing monthly update blog posts since I started!

It's pretty fun to look back :) You can find them here.

Special thanks to the Indie Hackers community as well for all their support!

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