November 13, 2019

The first teething troubles are fixed

Hen @dehenne

The first teething troubles are fixed, Version 1.1.2 should now be available in the stores.

We also checked all links and cleaned up the List. Some of the services have probably been discontinued in the meantime.

Which startup or app do you need to promote right now? I would be happy if you gave me some insights from your Indiemaker journey. Just write me, what are your problems with marketing and promotion? Which stumbling blocks are on your way?

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Created a Product Page on Indie Hackers
    How meta... ;) Decided to start document my progress on Indie Hackers. It will help me focus my current efforts, hold me accountable to myself and the
  • Fifty launched on Product Hunt!
    Hey, Some time ago I made a post asking the [community to describe their projects in fifty characters or less](
  • Amazing start with 2 Mentees and 25+ subscribers
    Extremely excited to share my first EVER milestone with the community! Let me introduce myself... Hi, I'm Kashyap, an experienced Software Engineer at