March 20, 2020

First paying customer (online video editing app)

Michael Aubry @storycreator

This was by far the hardest thing I've ever done.

Over the past 8 months, it has been intense. To sustain myself I was working with a client, helping them build an awesome meal planning tool for those on the Keto diet. Balancing that project (which has 3,000 users currently) and building a freaking video editor, while raising two puppies is a hard thing.

I have been listening to books and podcasts nonstop. The one word that sums up my experience and what I have learned is PERSISTENCE.

If you're struggling, then good, it's part of it. You're inches away from hitting the next level.

My tool has been very challenging to build. An online video editor has complexities that I was able to overcome by sheer force and patience. A lot of math, and I failed math in High School lol. So a lot of learning math along the way.

You're here because you are also an Indie Hacker. So I will say it is definitely a rollercoaster. If you're feeling that, then good. Stay grounded.

The momentum that lead up to getting this customer started when I put the code down for a little and went outside the house. I went to a Product Hunt meetup here in San Diego and that is where I found the customer. So you have to get out of your house and out of your text editor. It won't happen overnight though.

Due to the circumstances, it is hard to go out of the house - fair. However, now there are people banding together creating communities and most people are online available for a chat. Online or offline, you have to ENGAGE. Again it takes time, be patient and urgent.

You can check out the product I crafted with my bare hands right here ->

I would LOVE your feedback and to connect/chat. We're all in this together.

Michael Aubry

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