1st Sale!

Woke up to a gumroad email - lifetime access sale for $87. Wow! Yesterday I got the first newsletter sub and now 1st product sale. I'm stoked!

Let's see... I am trying to figure out what I can tell you (if you haven't sold anything) to be helpful...

I guess here is what I would say:

  1. DO IT. Make something. Stop learning and stop reading. You will never learn it all. Stop planning. Just start.

  2. Listen to people like James Clear - focus on 1% daily effort. Don't overwhelm yourself thinking about the end goal. Want to write a post? Don't write a post... write the 1st sentence. Then the 2nd. Don't even format it. Just write, get it all out.

  3. Charge for it. More than you think. I learned this from my consulting career. What seems like a huge price tag to some, is a drop in the ocean for others. You don't have to satisfy everyone. If people cannot meet your ask, then they will go find another offer. That's okay. Just get the people who are willing to pay.

  4. Release it much earlier than you think. My product is not finished - far from it. I pushed it out anyway! If the person is dissatisfied with the state they found it in then I will 100% refund them. No problem. Get feedback asap. I did this even before I published it - ran it by some growth designer people and they told me some valuable insights.

The great news is I got some confidence to keep doing this. The bad news is I got 2 part-time jobs - one to write the newsletter and the other to make Swipe.page better. But hey.. this is what I was aiming for.

My next goal is 5 paid subs and 5 sales for Swipe. In the meantime, I have to make both better and

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