October 1, 2020

Launched on Product Hunt!

Gene Maryushenko @genemachine

Hey friends! The day has come that Swipe has launched on Product Hunt!


There is a 20% Discount code for the first 100 orders, in case you fancy a copy.


I've been doing conversion audits for quite some time. It was never meant to be a full time gig -- I mostly focused on product design. But, as more and more people asked me about the audits, I decided to turn it into a service. Now, most of my consulting income comes from this.

While providing audits, I realized smaller startups and bootstrappers would actually benefit from some of the things I was noting for my clients, but knew they would not have the budget for a full-blown audit .. and in many cases, it just wouldn't make sense. So I created a product version that covers a wide base of situations -- but narrowed it to SaaS.

The inspiration came after seeing @kacper launch Scrapbook. In fact, I was one of his early customers! Great product btw!

After completing an early version of the product, I announced it here and got my first sale. This was very encouraging. I knew there was an audience because people came to me for audits.. it was pre-validated.

I then decide to try to sell it some more before launching. I got 9 more sales by building in the open and tweeting about Swipe occasionally. One other sale came from a cold email -- which was also inspiring because now I have a blueprint for doing more cold emails ;)

I gotta say, there was a significant delay between when I announced this product and before the launch -- but this was mostly because of us adding a new family member ;) I am hoping now that I am slowly regaining my time, I'll have more of it to devote to the product itself, and to ongoing promotion.

To date, Swipe has sold just under $1k.

Going forward I plan on starting blogging, running facebook ads, collaborations (email newsletters), and keep building in the open.

I'm also working on another Swipe product for e-commerce, but the goal is to get 100 sales on this one before moving on to the next.

I really appreciate all the people who have been tremendously supporting along the way! Even though this is an info product with no recurring revenue, it gives me some base to start promoting it at some scale. Not to mention, I already got a few SaaS ideas by building this, so that may be next!

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