200 paying users, $900 MRR, $10K lifetime revenue

What a big week for SyncThemCalendars 💪

3 huge milestones reached at the same time.
200 users... This is incredible. Who would have thought so many people would be willing to pay for this niche service?? And reaching $10K lifetime revenue feels surreal 😎

Numbers have been going up steadily for a while now, without any paid traffic. I still feel there's so much to improve in STC's homepage and FAQ page, that it doesn't feel right to try paid traffic again (and it did fail badly in the past).

Currently, most users come from different comments I've made in relevant articles. This is of course doesn't scale, but it's a great way to get relevant and highly engaged users to visit your website.

Obviously, I feel like so many more people are searching for this solution, but can't find it. How do I reach them?

Anyways, $1K MRR is just around the corner 🙏

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    Congratulations, that's awesome! How long have you been on your journey and is there anywhere on here I can read about your paid advertising trial that didn't work out?

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      @davidmclean almost a year and a half.
      I don't believe I ever posted a paid advertising failure retrospective, but it was as simple as not having a clue and mostly paying for irrelevant keywords.
      I think I'm smarter now, have the money to spend, but still not confident enough in my marketing skills + homepage design and language.
      Eventually, I will need to have another go.

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    I'm surprised you haven't had much competition... What were the old ways of doing this before Sync them Calendars?

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      @Arrexus honestly, nothing much you could do
      You could try to use Zapier but will end up spending hours tuning your zap and ending up with a mediocre solution, especially for recurring meetings.
      Some users would invite their other calendar, but that's a bad solution for privacy concerns and might not work if the company blocks it.
      Some users used to copy events themselves manually every time they got an invite - needless to say, this is an infinite amount of work.
      Finally, someone posted an article about setting up a Google App script for doing this, but it was a very basic solution (didn't handle recurring meetings that well) for super technical users/engineers.

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    Congrats man! So many startups fail before they reach $1,000 MRR. A huge accomplishment is right around the corner. I'll be keeping an eye on out!

    Good luck!

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    $900 is fantastic - well done Elad! You'll be at $9k in no time 😁. Really well done!

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      Thanks @pips :-)
      To be more realistic, really looking forward to breaking $1K

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        $1k is a great benchmark. Congrats again!

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    Kudos and congratulations!

    Curious, since I share my work calendar with my personal account and that actually works (without sharing the meeting info, ie: just sharing the time blocked), why would syncthemcalendars will be required?

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      @iamgroot What kind of sharing are you using? Are you showing both calendars at the same place? Or do you invite your work calendar to all personal meetings?

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        I have shared my work calendar (outlook) with a google account (personal). It is configured to show time as blocked and no other details are shared.

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    How to reach more users: hang out where your prospects hang out and help them, that’s probably what you do at Quora or other articles you mention.

    I’d say look for forums of the various calendar apps such as iCal, Office365, etc


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      @jeroenbai definitely, most of my initial traffic came from my answers on Quora.
      Oddly, I stopped getting any traffic from them.
      As for groups, already joined a few and participated in discussions, but since this is a niche solution, most people just don't get the need.
      It's this something that you either desperately need, or just don't get.

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    Congratulations Elad! More mikes to go.

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