August 12, 2019

First paid business account on SyncThemCalendars

Elad Shaham @eshaham

I'm so excited to get my first paid business account onboarded.
After seeing the type of users that subscribe to SyncThemCalendars, and it was really surprising to see users from different background and professions, I assumed it was only a matter of time until a consulting firm would reach out to ask if we support business accounts.

That happened a couple of days ago. I needed to push them off, as I had no flow in the app, not even a semi-automatic one, for onboarding a company - needed to find time to code it (while being on a vacation with my family in Austria). Well, this morning I finished patching up the required bits, sent an email to the contact person, and voila - the first company joins :-)
It was very fulfilling to get the notification the company just paid for the subscription while waiting in line for an Austrian mountain coaster :-)