We have passed $100K in MRR!

Growth is strong in the french market (5%-8% growth month-over- month). Now we are focusing more our marketing efforts on the english market. We got great feedback from users recently, saying that our tool is better than the competitors, at a fraction of the cost. Let's keep rocking!

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    Congrats! What have you done to grow to 100k? Is there a growth tactic that stands out as the most helpful?

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      Great question! I'd say our success come from 2 things:

      • having a great offer: our customers say our tool is better than our competitors, and it comes at a fraction of the price, so it makes this offer a no brainer
      • our affiliate program: with our tool systeme.io each person that subscribes to our list has an affiliate ID and can start promoting our offers right away so we have a ton of small affiliates promoting us and that is what drives most of our sales today
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        Awesome, thanks Aurelien! So when people sign up for your email list, they automatically become affiliates? How do you make them aware of that? And how many email subscribers actually start doing affiliate promotion for you? I ask because I'm interested in featuring this tactic in IH Growth Bites (with a link back to you). Thanks!

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          When someone signs up for our email list (or purchases a product, in which instance we'll add him to our email list), he has an affiliate ID and can start promoting our products.
          We have a feature that enables us to send to each contact his affiliate link by email (via a custom variable insert in the email body), and also the link to his affiliate dashboard.
          We entice our contacts and customers to promote our affiliate program either with automated followups they receive after signup, or by sending newsletters.
          But overall it's more about building a community of affiliates and build trust over time. So far we have paid half a million dollar to our affiliates and we pay them on time every month on the 10th.
          An important factor to grow your affiliate program is to provide your affiliates with many different ways to promote you: more free optins, more sales funnels
          On their affiliate dashboard our affiliates can see all the sales funnels they can promote and it makes their job easier
          Hope this answer helps, many companies view an affiliate program as a magic bullet when really it is an acquisition channel like any other one and takes time and commitment to get results ;-)

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            Awesome, that's super helpful - thanks! One last question. Roughly what percentage of your revenue comes from affiliates?

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