This is an important psychological milestone. Most of my time has been invested in improvement the app itself, documenting, creating new tutorials, blog posts, fixing issues and adding new features to Bull/BullMQ libraries which are the raison d'être for Taskforce.sh anyway. Support has also required a lot of attention, but I find it one of the most satisfying activities right now, nothing better than help your customers and get their appreciation in exchange.

Still I find difficult to make predictions on the growth rate, not sure if it is growing at a % of current MRR or at a fixed static rate.

Major concern for future growth is churning. I have tried to get a grip on the reasons behind it, seems like many of the churns where due to projects or startups failing, or just moving to different technologies altogether. Still we have a lot of loyal and happy customers, and as the feature set of the service increases I expect less and less churning.

All in all I am quite happy with the development, even though it is still not enough for making a living its at least starting to cover a big chunk of the development costs.

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