2.0 Launch on Product Hunt

Almost six months after the initial release, I'm now happy to officially launch version 2.0 of TAYL.

This release brings not only support for more languages and voices (now totalling 180+ voices in 30+ languages), but also marks TAYL's entry on the smartphone market. With native apps for iOS and Android you can bring your Tales with you at all times, and create new Tales easily right from your phone's share sheet 📱

Now it's easier than ever to integrate TAYL with thousands of other apps and workflows without writing a single line of code. Send tweets straight to your podcast for listening, subscribe to a blog and listen to each new post or send your Tale's audio version to your own website for publishing. The possibilities are endless, and I can't wait to hear about the creative use-cases you come up with!

All of the above is nice, but my primary goal of version 2.0 is to make TAYL accessible to more people worldwide. I try to do this with the introduction of a new plan, called Standard. It's an affordable plan that gives you 5-7 hours of audio per month, using the standard voices, for the low price of a single coffee ☕️


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