December 30, 2019

2019 in review - 52 paying customers, $310 MRR

Mickel Andersson @miickel

Since launching, March this year, I've managed to grow the subscription base to 52 paying customers. In August I noticed the growth had stagnated for a few months, stuck around 27 paying customers. At the time I could not work on the app or even spend any time on marketing, but I decided to set a goal to have at least 60 paying subscribers by the end of 2019. In October, I realised I had to change something in order for me to accomplish my goal. So I introduced the long-overdue Standard Plan and began posting the app on directories and a couple of subreddits. See my previous posts here on IndieHackers for more details, but the end result is that I managed to grow the service from 27 to 52. 8 short of my goal, but I'm still happy with the result, considering my relatively low-effort attempt.

The end of year MRR is at $310. It's okay, but I think I should be able to do much better. While setting the goal mentioned above, I also set a goal to reach $500 in MRR by March, 2020. So far, I've attained 26% of this goal, while using 63% of the allotted time.

2019 has been both good and terrible, but I'm hopeful for 2020 and expect great things to happen!

Happy new year, IH friends! 🚀🥂

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