Beat $1k monthly revenue and relaunched on PH

November was absolutely bonkers for Thankbox, as you'd see in my recent milestones. At the end it just managed to get to $1k in revenue for the month which is nuts!

I went from 3-4 daily sales at the start of the month to having one a day with 24 sales towards the end 🎉

I love the IH revenue charts - I think it's those sweet bezier curves.


I've decided that this is enough proof that our landing page and messaging is clear enough to try re-launching on product hunt which I've just done today. Fingers crossed this could result in a nice springboard for continued growth in December 🤞


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    Wow, congratulations on the sales and success so far 🎉It's such a lovely idea, it's definitely a product I'll want to use in the future! Given the nature of 2020 and how so much has become remote, this is very timely and just what so many need to send birthday wishes.

    Will there be an option to create cards visually too, with a drag-and-drop interface? I'd love to see that feature!

    I upvoted it on Product Hunt, too, and wishing you continued success into the future!

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    Hey @ValCanBuild first of all, I love your handle name ValCanBuild haha. Just reading it gives me the motivation to continue hustling haha.

    Congratulations on the new milestone and I think the timing is right with Covid and more companies working remotely. The face to face team bond cannot be matched online but founders are looking for ways to help their team bond better.

    How about expanding the service/product to founders sending personal cards to the employees who have done well in a month or pulled off a big task?

    Employees receiving cards like these can help the companies improve employee loyalty and improve performances too.

    Out of curiosity, what marketing channels have worked best for you so far?

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      Hey, thanks for the supporting words! Haha, there's a story to that handle that's totally not connected to what it's come to symbolize for me but I'm glad it's motivational 😂

      I've been thinking about the 1-to-1 use case, like you say about founder-to-employees but I don't think I'm ready to approach it yet. Thankbox is specifically made for the many-to-one case. I've got more ideas to expand that and I think I'll leave my focus there for now.

      In terms of marketing channels the biggest one so far has been search ads. I'm currently running a £15/day Adwords campaign, though I might increase that a bit over christmas since I've seen the xmas card use case really spike.

      Networking effects also play a part it in. Right now about 15% of people that have ever bought a Thankbox did it after first leaving a message on another one.

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        Haha. I should make my own poster with just the words Nakkeeran Can Sell!

        It's interesting about the search ads. It's also another sign of validation for your product meaning people/companies are looking for ways to improve the fun and culture of their teams.

        Do you it's worth doing some blog posts like 5 ways how you can improve your remote work culture for your company? etc. Maybe even case studies from your current customers.

        The network effect for any business is always a big gain, not every company is successful in achieving it but when done can result in a big way.

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          Maybe, though I don't think content marketing here would work as well. I think this is the type of product that people search for when they need it. I tried running facebook and linkedin ads before that generated a lot of clicks but no sales.

          I think for now search ads + networking effects is where I'll put the majority of my effort. I have a few automated email campaigns to reach out to people once they create or receive a Thankbox in order to touch base again so they are reminded to use it again. So far it seems to work.

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            Interesting. It's good the search ads are working which shows the demand does exist and people are looking for it.

            Talking about networking effect, how about when the service provider company writes a card to the client during holidays or even after the completion of the project? This way the client will come across Thankbox.

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