Secured a £10k grant for Thankbox

I found out on Friday that I was one of the seven finalist in the Scottish Young EDGE competition this year. I applied back in February and, after a final where I had to do a 3 minute pitch, followed by a Q&A on Zoom, I found out that I won a £10,000 grant!

This is really big for Thankbox because it means I can 2x or even 3x my Google ad budget. April was the first month since October 2020 that Thankbox did not grow because - mainly due to increased competition in PPC spend. My average CPA went up from £1.70 to £2.70.

Despite that, ads continue to be my main traction channel and will be my main focus moving forward. Using this grant to increase the spend here should bring back growth.

The good news for April is that even with the reduced amount of acquisitions the month finished with a similar revenue to March. This is a clear indications that customers are sticking around and networking effects are pushing growth on their own ⭐️

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    That's awesome man, congrats on the grant!

    Whack up that PPC, get that retargeting ticking in, and enjoy those network effects!

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