Started breaking into 1st page of search results

Last May when I was getting started with Thankbox I had very little knowledge of SEO. I thought it was this magic box of inaccessible tactics that surely I'd never figure out.

Once Thankbox started getting real traction with search ads I realized that, if search ads work so well, then that means good SEO and discoverability is where my long term traction goals should be.

After all, while ads work, what's even better(and cheaper!) is naturally ranking for the keywords I'm bidding on.

I started working through the Ahrefs recommendation and doing as much as I can to get my health score up. Here is a few of the more important things I did:

  • Created links to all of my dynamic landing pages from my main page
  • Updated meta tags and descriptions to recommended lengths and created unique, keyword-optimized ones for each page
  • Started collecting public reviews for Thankbox on Capterra so there is a good top result when people search for "Thankbox reviews".

I'm currently sitting on ar eally nice Ahrefs healthscore and slowly starting to accumulate some backlinks:

But what really made me happy was when I started seeing Thankbox appearing in the first page of search results for terms like "virtual leaving card" and "online leaving card" which I've been targetting the longest.

There is still a long way to go - some of my competitors that have been around for longer have a lot more backlinks but it's at least a sign I'm doing something right!

I actually got an email from a user who told me to "work on my SEO" because Thankbox "barely made it into the first page of search results".


I was just bloody thrilled to even be there 😂

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