January 10, 2020

Made designs and decided on a tech stack

Shane White @shanefromfargo

After we were sure that we wanted to pursuit the idea we went to work on building. Molly focused all of her time on getting the website, and social media built. I focused on getting the actual product built out.

I ended up deciding to write the entire application in Vue. I originally wanted to do this without any code, so it would be easier to manager. Unfortunately our design was to complex so we needed to write something from scratch. The application was built on the Jamstack, so there was no backend. This was really hard for me as I'm traditionally a C# developer.

We used the following tools to build the application

  • ButterCMS - All the graphics are created in ButterCMS, and then retrieved in our app via an API.
  • Stripe - Take payments
  • Auth0 - Authentication/User Management
  • Crisp - Live Chat
  • Webflow - Outward facing website
  • Netlify - Hosting the Vue application
  • Zapier - Tells Auth0 when someone pays, so they can have access to the software