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I want to make learning how to code more accessible, collaborative, and fun.

1 Month Away from Launching our Alpha!

At TechTogether Boston 2019, The Bit will be launching the first iteration of our product. In order to make the most out of the event, we will be scheduling user-interviews throughout.

Any advice on how to promote your product at an event? What is the most effective way to draw someone to your booth? How much do you pay for swag on average?

Building Our Team

It's been about 6 months since James, Candace, and I set out to build the first prototype of The Bit. One of the biggest struggles we've encountered is making time to work on building and testing the product. As full-time students and professionals, it hasn't been easy to figure out what features we needed to prioritize because we weren't sure if it was the features or level of commitment holding us back.

In order to overcome this challenge, we came together and began outlining what features we wanted to build and in what order. Then we evaluated how many people and with what skill sets we would need to accomplish our product goals. This was an extremely helpful exercise and so far, has allowed us to accelerate our growth without burning ourselves out.

What about you all, how do you prioritize different features? How do you know when to recruit a team member versus pushing yourself to do more?

The Bit - Sharing our Idea

There are many women like me, who also aspire to build technology and learn new technical skills. However, many of them don’t have the same level of support from friends and mentors.

It is for this reason, I co-founded - The Bit, an online platform for women to gain relevant programming skills by completing curated tutorials with other women.

Learning how to code is hard, but we can make it easier by doing it together.

I’m excited to see where this idea takes me and I’m grateful to share this experience with my teammates James Quinlan, Candace Williams and the 50+ members on the TechTogether team, who support me every day on my entrepreneurial journey.

For more information about our venture and to sign up for our beta, visit:

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I want to make learning how to code more accessible, collaborative, and fun.