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1129 Email Subscribers and First Sponsors

And all this after 6 months of starting the newsletter.

Last week has been.. intense. Two sponsors reached out to me, and they both are businesses that I either use or find incredibly impressive. This means that the Bootstrapped Founder Newsletter is now financially self-sustaining.

This is 23 weeks into the newsletter's existence. It took almost six months of publishing an article and a newsletter every week to get here.

My next goal: grow the newsletter even further, line up a few more sponsors for a month from now, and getting more visibility with my podcast — although I don't yet know how to get there. Any ideas? :D

Here is the most recent development of my list: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sw9t379ni2todmw/Screenshot 2020-04-13 19.19.24.png?dl=0

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