Launched The Bootstrapped Founder Blog

The day is finally here. After running FeedbackPanda for two years, we finally sold it in July 2019. Ever since then, I had time to reflect and think about all the things I learned in those two turbulent years.

I decided to finally give back to the community. I decided to launch a blog focussed on bootstrapping, engineering, startups and how to stay sane while doing it. I have lots of stories, thoughts, and experiences to share. A blog is just the right format for that.

With the blog, I am launching a newsletter for bootstrappers. There are so many interesting things happening in our community every week. That alone is worth sharing. It will also keep me committed to releasing a new blog post every single week.

With the launch of https://thebootstrappedfounder.com/, I am releasing a few articles about these topics:

And, of course, a (short) story of how we built FeedbackPanda.

I am looking forward to finally being able to return the favor of telling my story. When we were working on FeedbackPanda, I soaked up all the success and failure stories in IndieHackers, and I learned so much from every single one. I hope that my experiences will help, guide, and inspire other founders on their journey as well.

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    Subscribed! :-)
    I wonder if there could also be some specific content for SaaS properties coming from or aiming at the german speaking markets.

    1. 1

      Anything specific that you encountered / wonder about / want to know?

    2. 1

      Thank so much!

      And yes, I will definitely write about that too. There are quite a few things to keep in mind when going to market in Germany, so I'll talk about that. And then, there is the German startup scene itself, which works slightly differently. My list of things to write about is growing and growing. Thanks for asking!

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    Congrats man! Looking forward to checking it out.

    1. 1

      Thank you very much, Shane!

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