February Update

February's Activities:

  • Published our first blog post: 60 Tech Companies Hiring in the Silicon Forest
  • Launched on Product Hunt
  • Did outreach for written interviews series
  • Created defined categories for the "industry" field
  • Added 80 jobs to the site
  • Added 20 companies (226 total)

February's Stats:

  • 7346 unique pageviews (up from 3,611 from last month)
  • 3071 users (up from 995 last month)
  • 460 email subscribers (up from 379 last month)
  • $0 revenue (down from $99 last month)

February's Focus:

This month started out with a bang as we were blown away by the response to the blog post we published. The day we published and promoted it was the highest trafficked day for our company (higher than our launch!) and the traffic coming to the blog post continued for over a week. It 10x surpassed our expectations and made us rethink what investment we put in content marketing going forward.

We also "launched" on Product Hunt this month, with pretty low expectations and results since our site is such a local product and not relevant to the greater Product Hunt community. Still, it's another link to our site and good experience in conducting product launches for us, which will help throughout our careers.

The second half of the month we dedicated to content marketing since our first blog post did so well. We did some outreach to conduct written interviews (similar to this) instead of video ones to test how they will perform. We have a few in the pipeline and hope to publish them in March.

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