Crossed $15k MRR

We are 27 months into taking payments at The Church Co. It took 22 months to get to $10k and just 5 months later we are at $15k. With a 1% churn rate, we are so excited to see how the year ends and pushing hard toward $20k.

We are planning for Black Friday and how we can use that weekend to hit these goals.

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    Ever think of adding voice functionality? InfoByVoice published a ton of skills for churches (none of which are very popular), but I feel there's probably an opportunity there to integrate what you're doing with voice.
    Source: http://voicemarketdata.com/top-10-most-prolific-amazon-skills-developers-september-2019/

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    Congratulations Paul!
    I don't know if you are a Christian but as a Christian myself I'm always happy to see progress in the Church's ability to reach out to the world, especially through media and the internet.
    Many people in your target market really need your service... even if they might not know it yet :)

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      Thanks! That's the idea! Quality websites for a great cause. I'm checking out your product now. :)

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        Let me know what you think... the website is rather bare-bones at the moment but I intend to update it in the near future

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          Pastor / Developer here. I would love to be considered if you ever need more help. Great idea man. Sorely needed. Way to go!

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            Welcome to the Indie Hackers community @forwinder and thanks for the compliment.
            I appreciate your offer to help and I'll definitely be in touch should the need arise. I also look forward to seeing what you're working on :)

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