Quit My Job!


This was long overdue and I'm so excited to be here! To wake up at a normal time, work during the day, and spend time with my family in the evening is incredible!

Here's the journey I took to get here.

I started writing code as a hobby to help me with various client work.

I took on a few free customers and kept improving the product. I worked on the platform for about 5 hours a month.

I started taking payments in July and had half my customers quit the same day. We ended the year at $900 MRR. I was working roughly 10 hours a month on the product.

I started to get involved in Facebook groups and helping people with website questions and this resulted in a lot of growth. We did around 150 customers that year. I was working 5-10 hours a week. We ended the year around $6000 MRR.

The growth caught up to me. I was working 10-20 hours a week in addition to my regular day job. We did 338 customers this year. I rarely slept more than 5 hours a day and was always awake and working by 6:30 AM every day. We ended the year at around $19,000 MRR.

I put in notice, quit my job and am full time as of this week. We've done 50 customers already this year and are growing rapidly. We are currently at $21,000 MRR and adding around $1500 a month.

The future is bright! I can't wait to update this in a year.

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    Congrats @pauljosephcox! Your journey is similar to ours... it takes a long time! Kudos for sticking with it and providing such a great service for churches.

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    Amazing inspiring story! I have a friend whos kind of doing the same thing but in the SEO side for doctors..what do you think helped fuel your growth?

    Btw im a designer myself your designs are awesome!!

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    Congrats man, excited to follow the progress! (this is the asian guy you spoke to last yr at a holiday party)

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    Congratulation! Paul, And I think we should appreciate the people who work hard for themselves.

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    Amazing progression. Congrats @pauljosephcox!

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