October 30, 2019

Reached 300 registered users

Laurent Martiny @lm_th

We relaunched our Android app by late summer 2019, so a couple of month ago. This time, I tried to put some new efforts in marketing the service. I've been first playing around facebook ads and a bit of Quora ads, and Google ads on Playstore.

-> FB : With a small budget (5 dols / day) and testing different format and audiences, i only got a few install per day for a high CPI (betwen 0.8 and 2.1 dollars)
-> Quora : I got some decent response, but haven't really invested the time I should have in this channel. Need to continue experimenting with higher bidding amounts
-> Google ads : winner. I initially thought that it will not really work - may be cause I saw google ads as an untargeted mass-media approach, but got really great click through rates and number of installs per day started to really increase since then (in the 20-45 installs range for a 5 dols / day budget)

Today's Top Milestones
  • $40k ARR: Optimizations as a company of one
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  • First profitable month!
    When I posted my last update in the beginning of May, I had just gotten my first monthly subscriber and netted around $500 in one–time sales. I’m happ
  • 350 Signups!
    https://minimaps.io just reached 350 signups! A good portion of those who signed up are also actively using the product. I haven't done much marketing
  • Reduced our server costs by $105/month!
    Excited to share that we just finished migrating our backend servers from Heroku over to AWS and are now saving roughly $105/month! **Why did we deci
  • Added IG & Pinterest to free image generation API
    ...after my first paying customer requested it. https://offset.earth use the OG IMPACT API to generate Open Graph images for each user's profile page,
  • We launched a new direction of our service
    Hi everybody! Today we've launched the English version of our new direction: The Fastest Website Builder https://start.webx.page It's the pursuit of o
  • Jott is in private beta!
    A while ago I came across a tweet where someone explained their note-taking system. Super simple - take notes in Notepad & save them dropbox. It looke
  • Launched on producthunt
    Today I launched my first product on producthunt. The app is not yet complete but I thought I would get validation for the idea as I build the app. I
  • Reaching out for validation
    DevInsight started out as a "scratch your own itch" product. Working as CTO at a funded started, I had a growing tech team and would have loved an eas
  • First 25 users
    After an initial quiet beta launch I submitted Stackprint to BetaList and it got featured for a day. As a result, the first 25 users signed up for Sta