October 21, 2020

3D library AVATARZ update

Samuel Briskar @Semy

Today you can do more than 8,000 combinations of 3D avatars with AVATARZ library.

Besides that, I am happy to say that people in companies like Apple, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Orange, or Alibaba are using our libraries.

I saw many fellow indie hackers who used the library and I was impressed with the way the library was used.

We got many upvotes on Product Hunt, but unfortunately, the competitors were strong and the library ended in 6th place.

I added a free tier for the community, take a look: https://www.avatarz.design/

What do you think about this update?

  1. 2

    Oh wow, I had no idea that this existed, the avatars look beautiful!
    I got the free package but don't really understand the purpose. It seems like it just gave me a bunch of random avatars? It's a cool sample, and useful to have, but not something that I could make use of, as I expected for a "free version".
    The killer feature for me would be the ability to make these in the browser, or at least in a sketch file (with tons of layers to swap to get a desired result). But I understand it's probably a ton of work. Looks good still 👍

    1. 2

      Dagobert, thanks for the feedback! I highly appreciate it. I will think of that.

      By swapping do you mean changing the colors, or do you mean changing the clothes/hairs?

      With the full version, you can do all of this and there are 7100 rendered PNGs out of the box.

      1. 2

        Yes that's what I meant. I expected to have at least a small sketch file in the free version, with one character and a few accessories / colors to change. It wasn't clear to me from the homepage that all this customization was possible with sketch files. Since it focuses on the 3d software features, I was wondering if maybe all these features were only for blender.

        1. 1

          Thanks! I will think of that, how to make it better.

          But you are right, it is not a trivial amount of work to create this Sketch/Figma files

          1. 1

            If it takes too much work, maybe just show how the sketch files work with a few screenshots. That would get you 80% there. Do that for every app you’re compatible with, so that people feel comfortable that your package has them covered. That would increase my confidence in the product tremendously 👍

            1. 2

              Thanks Dagobert! I will try something.

  2. 2

    These look awesome @Semy!

    Is there a way to edit these in browser? For a non-designer, developer like me, that would be the golden ticket that would make me want to use it.

    I don't necessarily want to download Blender to use this product, but I could see myself adding these some of my product pages potentially!

    1. 1

      Kenneth one question, if you mentioned edit. What exactly do you mean by that? Can you be specific?

      1. 1

        Yeah for sure!

        If there were a way to customize and choose your avatar in browser, that'd be amazing.

        So imagine your a developer with no art experience but you come across Avatarz and you want to use it.

        You find out you have to download another program and potentially go through a learning curve just to get an avatar that matches your interested ☹️

        Now, imagine you go to the website and when you sign up, you end up on a page where an avatar is shown. On this page, you can click buttons that will swap out hair for instance. Another set of buttons let you swap out the shirts, etc.

        Similar to a character edit screen in a video game

        1. 1

          Thanks a lot!

          I will think of that, I have something cool in mind :-)

    2. 1

      Thanks, Kenneth! Not yet, but I have it in the roadmap. Do you know some developers who would willing to help me? I think we can boost that process of creating the online editor.

      1. 1

        Awesome :) You obviously have a lot of insight into your potential customer base if you were already thinking of it!

        I work at a boutique consulting shop in my day job. www.zealitconsultants.com

        We have some folks "on the bench" right now and could tackle the project. Not sure if you have a budget or not for that, but if you'd like to have a chat to explore some options I'd be happy to chat!

        you can email me if you'd like.

        [email protected]

        1. 2

          Thanks, I will think of that. The truth is that it is all bootstrapped so I need to play with a limited budget :)

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