April 6, 2020

Over 2,500 Websites Hosted


It's amazing to see how far tiiny.host has come in the last few weeks since I've been spending all of my time on growth marketing rather than development.

The basic things really do work. Content marketing, SEO optimization and community engagement has been great so far.

There's definitely a lot of more room for growth! Looking forward to 10,000 milestone.

EDIT: I documented our journey to here in this post: https://tiiny.host/blog/first-paying-users/

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    What do you provide that netlify doesn't?

    1. 2

      There's a few things right now but we're continuously understanding our users to learn what to build next.

      No Sign-Up Plan:

      • No registration required to publish (Netlify requires you to register within 24 hours)
      • Custom subdomain - pick any available subdomain you want
      • Auto clean-up - Sites automatically disappear withing 7 days

      Pro Plans:

      • Auto archiving - Expired sites automatically saved instead of deletion
      • Super simple dashboard to manage you sites
      • Password protection (coming soon)
      1. 1

        Netlify archives your builds.

        1. 3

          I think the key point is simplicity. Which I think is a great place for them to be in.

          1. 1

            Sounds great. It's not bad to have duplicate products in the market because you could be serving a different geographic area or have something to offer what Netlify does not have. I used Zeit and they have a simple deploy process, I type now deploy and my website is live. I can add args to the command to attach a domain to the deployment as well. But if you managed to latch onto an audience that is not familiar that's good for you. Keep it up and work hard!

            1. 2

              I'd argue the key feature is deploying without needing to sign up.

            2. 1

              Definitely agree, surge.sh provides exactly what you're describing too. I think main point right now is that it's been built deliberately simple so that's it's widely applicable as possible. But the next phase is really understanding paid users and what they want us to build out. Tiiny host will then form even more of an identity and differ to suit specific use cases.

    2. 1

      I keep seeing these questions all over founder places, but history says it does not matter if you have big differences to begin with. For a static website platform, there are perhaps a million customers. So market, listen, modify. But modify for the customers who want to stay, pay and use.

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    What a great milestone, congrats! Curious here, do you mind to share how many of them are converted to pay?

    1. 2

      Thank you! We just got our first paying users last week actually - wrote a blog post about it here if you're interested: https://tiiny.host/blog/first-paying-users/

      So a very small number right now but we're at the stage of feedback collection to understand what features users would pay for.

      1. 2

        That’s perfect, thanks for sharing! And wish you nothing but good luck for discovering what people actually want to pay.

        Keep up the good work!

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    Congrats on the milestone. Your growth seems to be explosive!

    1. 1

      Thanks Simon! Really appreciate all your support so far :)

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    Congrats, awesome milestone and lots to look forward to 🚀

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    Love the simplicity and laser focus of the solution.
    Could you share some more details on your growth attempts (both success and failure)?

    1. 2

      Thanks Jonathan! Sure, I wrote. Blog post about it here: https://tiiny.host/blog/first-paying-users/

      1. 1

        I literally went recursion style on this blog post, thanks!
        I've read a few levels deep :)
        I'm loving your journey and would love to hear more about it!
        I'm doing free consults now to the community members if you'd like - https://calendly.com/jonathanoron
        Feel free to book me :)

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