November 15, 2019

Over 200 sites hosted!


I froze the feature set a couple of weeks ago after improving it based on initial feedback. Since then I've been promoting it on Reddit for a few weeks to a great response.

I received some really great validation, lots of upvotes, more feedback, and most importantly, users. I even got an offer to integrate with another web tool.

Starting to see that users like to use for quick prototyping and sharing, so I'm homing in on a good use case.

Still a long way to go but a good start.

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    Seems like a cool idea! How do you prevent malicious code from being hosted etc?

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      Very good point, this is an ongoing effort. I'm building automated scanners for illegal content so looking into similar things for code. Any tips?

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    Niceeeee. How do you plan to monetize this?

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      Just released the premium features btw! :)

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        shot you an email :)

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      Thank you! I'm releasing the paid plan next week hopefully based on feedback from existing users. Users have found it really useful for prototyping frontends so building features upon that like a dashboard to manage all your sites. Allow your site to be live for an unlimited time. Password protection etc

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    Good Idea @rabbitsfoot8

    One question: Isn't it easy for developers to host it o github pages?

    One suggestion: Why not create a command line tool as well?

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      I guess with GitHub pages you don't really get subdomains, need a repo per site and knowledge of Git. provides a command line flow so not sure if I want to go down that route. is designed to not need any registration and tooling knowledge. But valid points, still trying to shape the product with as many eyes on it as possible

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      That makes a lot of sense, if I wanted quick hosting I would use netlify.

      But a simple command line tool beats that easy especially if it is just a one off.

      like "host deploy"

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        Have you heard of I guess they provide exactly what you're looking for. I'm trying to explore a different route than netlify or tbh. Temporary ephemeral hosting that requires no registration. But maybe a command line tool ends up with it

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    I really like the idea and simplicity. I would use this service.

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      Thank you! Simplicity was the goal from day 1, glad its come accross.

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    Looks good. How do you plan to make money?

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      I plan on introducing premium features but still figuring what would bring the most value.

      Initial thoughts are larger file uploads and a more friendly domain now like or something.

      Do you have any ideas?

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        Noted above you mentioned temporary hosting as the value prop.

        Have you considered putting ads on the free version/pages; with pay $n to remove?

        Not sure if it would fly or not.
        I’m going to try this model for a service I’m building atm.

        Somewhat amusingly, finding a suitable adnetwork is proving challenging. The ones I’ve encountered so far are incredibly buggy, unstable or scammy. Adsense is only interested in “valuable content” it can index afaict. 🤷‍♂️

        Good luck! I’m keen to see how this plays out!


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        I'd pay for access to the Tiiny Host site analytics.

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          Interesting, what kind of stats would you like to know? Couldn't you just add google analytics to your index.html and upload it?

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    This is a cool service. Good luck with it!

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    This is a great tool! I really like the fast prototyping and even faster deployment :)

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      Thank you! Thats the USP really, simple and super fast

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    Where do you promote it on reddit? Paid or organic? I'm trying to figure out whether Reddit is a something I should be focusing on. Thanks!

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      Purely organic and free promotion. It's best to engage with the community the same way you would IH. Find relevant subreddits and ask them for feedback on your tool. Giveaways are also great, give a the premium version away for free.

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    The FAQ and Feedback buttons are partially hidden behind another object

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      Which browser are you using? Mobile/Desktop? Could you please send a screenshot link?

      Thanks for the feedback!

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        Here's my screenshot. Chrome browser. Pixel 3

        Good luck with your site :)

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    Do you have a page with examples of what is possible? I see it says "static host," but beyond that, it's unclear what I could create. It would be really helpful to see, at least for me. Thanks, and good luck!

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      Hey Vegan5auce did you see the "Use Template" button? If you create using the template you'll get a sense of what the site could look like. You can also download the template off your newly created site. Here's and example:

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        Oh no, I haven't . It was part of the drop zone, and I didn't realize it was a separate option. Testy looks like a great example, thanks!

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          Ah I see, might need to tweak the UX. Thanks for mentioning