October 23, 2020

Added video chatting into our mobile app.

Keith Hupp @timekeeperbank

I had an awful time with Sinch customer service and had to email everyone in their entire company including C-level guys with my fancy marketing tools but the android app developer did respond to my flurry of emails and was aware of my issue. I was able to get an unreleased library that has the right code in it - to integrate full screen on "android local view" which they didn't support until I got the unreleased version.

Oh, a little about our app.

I hate pushing any kind of marketing with our website currently down but here goes anyway.

I have been working on a social project for the last 4 years as a way to rebuild our society without money but the hardest part is that it takes so much dam money to build something of value because of our social conditioning. (we only work together when paid)

People have a hard time working together to create value, so I build an app based on the concepts of timebanking.

We live in cut-throat capitalism so the communities that work together are the only ones who will survive. Servers cost money to run and so does building software. So building tech that enables a zero marginal cost or at least a cost as low as possible for everyone is what I'm working on.

In the TimeKeeper Bank mobile app you can create a service you are willing to provide and receive an hour from another member on our app. You can then take that hour of time that you earned by helping a fellow member and can then use to create a request. Requests can be just about anything from "Help me find a cofounder" to "Teach me cold emailing" people are pretty amazing and it always brings a smile to my face to see what people come up with.

We have designed a system of exchange and it now has video chatting that is pretty cool.

As an MVP I should have integrated video chatting before adding-

Notification settings
Deeplinking to profile,services, requests ( still working on html layout for desktop view )
50 Automated emails
( sorry still working on unsubscribe html page for the emails but at least they are sent)
An iOS app- Video chat not integrated yet.

But honestly I'm glad we finally did it.

It's sort of like dropping in the engine last on an MVP for our little SaaS company.
Instead of building a go-kart and then building a formula 1 race-car.

Take a moment to try our app for yourself and let me know what you think.

Your opinion is pretty valuable. I want to know the good, the bad and the fugly :-) .

It's 2 AM I'm feeling pretty burnt out but I know another investor will come knocking one of these days. (crickets)

We are currently adding in app payments so our android users can purchase hours through google instead of through our website which is currently down.

We do have a fancy pants timecode system to send sort of like a coupon code that can be refunded in the app for hours but these video chat timecredits are the life-blood of my business, so I want to make it easy so that there is no more excuse for people not creating co-production together.

We are currently selling hours for $1.99 to give people who may not have the time to volunteer on a social project (feeding the homeless, climate change, social justice, recovering after a natural disaster ) but still want to be apart of our community.

After you try the app with a friend and see just how crystal clear the video chat is I know you will want to purchase a few hours to support us in developing this new social model of exchange.

For all you hard working guys and gals if you sign up before I can get this website fixed you will receive 5 hours that you can use to get value from our community. Login and check your HourGlass Account create your PIN and BAM you got 5 from me.

Find a fellow indie hacker (share you deep link profile url in the comments below) and give them a hand up not a hand out.

For you guys who need help it is part of the app don't feel ashamed to ask for help we all need help in our lives it is ok to ask.

Last week someone made a request to have someone pray for them because they were sick with covid 19 they might still need help!

Hours live in the system forever they are a social currency use them responsibly.

Hours suck as a store of value although you can hedge yourself from our future price increases, but they are designed to be circulated- exchanged back and forth or in a circle that way from person to person value is created never destroyed from being taxed or inflated by money printing.

Communities have to survive but to do it we have to work together.

If you have any issues with the app post them here I will have my trusty QA write up some bug reports and submit them to our new developers.

BTW I registered for https://www.epicsocialventures.com/competition
and I really need that prize money.

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    Here is the link to the playstore if you have trouble finding it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timekeeper.timekeeper BTW an honest review ( even if you think our app is trash ) will help us iron out any issues that might make the barrier into social exchange and co-production more difficult.

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