January 4, 2020

#1 on Hacker News for hours

Tom Cleveland @tjcx

I wrote my second blog post[0] ever and ended up in the #1 slot on Hacker News for a few hours[1] in the middle of the day yesterday.

It was...unexpected. I guess the failed startup story resonates with a lot HN readers. I've been told the comments roast me to a crisp (haven't had the courage to read them myself), but the best part is that I was inundated with emails from people giving me words of encouragement, offering advice, or wanting to team up.

Anyway, I'm betting the HN/IH Venn diagram overlaps quite a bit, but if you haven't already you should read the post! Hopefully you can learn something while laughing at my blunders.

[0] https://tjcx.me/posts/i-wasted-40k-on-a-fantastic-startup-idea/
[1] http://hnrankings.info/21947551/

Today's Top Milestones
  • First customer interview 🤗
    We're building SEOly to become the one-stop-shop solution for Indie Hackers looking to improve their SEO. We'll cover On-Page SEO (Technical Checks an
  • Better Shirts
    Maker Threads and Better Sheets have come together to make Better Shirts. Better shirts than your mom can sew for ya, at least. Launched on product hu
  • 🤑September breakdown
    I am a bit late, because October is already coming to an end. But here are my figures for September :) Ads revenue: 125€ In-App purchases: 52,61€ Tota
  • Issue #2 released
    Second issue of Basic Problem just went out to 62 subscribers. Last week's edition had not a single bounce, no churn yet, and an open rate of 30%. Ama
  • Monthly Text Expansion, Subscriptions
    It's been a while! Typing Hero now helps 20K+ monthly active users expanding text 12M+ times each month! As for the subscription, it currently has 67