We crossed $20k in MRR

Yesterday, we reached our second big milestone: hitting $20k in MRR.

We went from $10k to $20k in about three months, which is 🤯.

We're so thankful to our customers for their patronage and our fans for their encouragement.

Thinking back to July of 2018, I was super stressed about money. We were under $1k in MRR and I was wondering: "How long can we hold on?"

Looking at it now, we definitely hit a good market (at a good time) with a good product. There's no telling how long it will last, but we're thankful for the journey so far!


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    Big push to get to 30K.

    Just downloaded your podcast ‘Build your SaaS’ for the morning drive to the day job.

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    Podcasting is taking off like a crazy train. There’s definitely space for great products in that growing market. :)

    The podcasting company I used to work for now has a $200 million valuation.

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    For those of us still trying to find our message and market fit what would you say made the biggest difference in the early stages when no one knew about Transistor. Was it just finding the right message for your audience? Was is finding the right audience for the existing message? Or was it building features to fit your audience? I know it’s a broad question but what caused your traction to get to 10kmrr?

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      I think my biggest lesson so far has been: going after a market where there is lots of demand.

      This might not last forever, but right now there are lots of folks searching for "How do I host a podcast?" or "podcast hosting companies."

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        Justin, Thanks for the answer!

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    Massive congrats to you Justin & Jon. I've been a long time follower of the podcaster and been using Transistor for about a year now. Really big fan of what you're doing - keep up the hard work.

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      Thanks so much for being a customer! ❤️

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    Congrats! 🥳 What an amazing milestone. If it goes anything like Tettra, I'm sure the next $10,000 will come even faster.

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      Thanks Andy! Yeah, I couldn't believe how fast we went from $10k to $20k. Not sure if we can maintain that rate of growth. 🤔

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    Nice one Justin. Where do you get most customers from?

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      Most come from search (people asking Google: "what's the best podcast hosting company?")

      We've also had a lot of success with our Rewardful affiliate program.

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        Ok - sweet. That's super interesting. I was originally thinking that you wouldn't be able to be ranked for SEO, but then I see there's a tonne of lists.

        How'd did you get listed?
        Did some people just put you on or did you email them and ask?

        I'd love to write a marketing example about this. Essentially a way of being seen on Google without actually "ranking". What do you think?

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        Could I ask how much of that $20k MRR ends up going to your affiliates?

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          I don't want to reveal too much right now. But currently about 5%.

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    How have you felt about being an open startup? I've always loved the idea of being that transparent to the public, but have you ever ran into any particular negative effects of doing that? Or particularly positive maybe?

    Congrats on the milestone!

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      • Pros: we help share our journey in a transparent way. We've had some really respected advisors reach out with good advice (because they can see our numbers). It's made our podcast more interactive (some listeners will open up Baremetrics before they listen to the next episode).
      • Cons: for sure, our competitors are checking out all of our numbers.
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    That's a huge step forward. Exponential growth is always breathtaking. Best of luck and I'm sure it will only get better!

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    Awesome accomplishment. Congratulations!

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    Wow, excellent job.

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    Great job guys! 💪
    Did anything special?

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      We've had to do many many things. 😜

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    That is some incredible growth! Congrats, and hopefully you'll reach 30K even faster :)

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    Congrats Justin, you guys worked really hard for this!
    Looking forward to hear more about it on the podcast.

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    Congrats Justin, huge milestone! Question: is the 150K downloads/month plan your max?

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      Currently, yes. We're about to introduce a new plan that will allow more downloads.

      Note: Spotify downloads aren't included against your download limit (because they re-host the audio).

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    This is inspiring ❤️ Can't wait to post milestones like this.

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    Congrats dude, been amazing to listen to (and watch) your guys journey!!!

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    Was looking for Transistor vs Anchor content. Found your article. Nice work.

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    Wow, well done! I’m a big fan of what you guys have built and I never miss your SaaS podcast! Excited to see where you’ll be in a year from now!

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      Thanks for listening!

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    Excellent, congrats!

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    Very cool, congrats!

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    Congrats Justin!

    About one week ago I heard the podcast episode about transistor which was really cool!

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      Sweet! You're listening to Build your SaaS?

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        Yeah just started to :)

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    Congratulations! Well deserved

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