November 12, 2019

Ideas take years to ferment

Bret Doucette @bretdoucette

Four years ago, in June, I was nearly struck by lightning while climbing Mt. Bierstadt, a popular 14,000 foot peak in Colorado. The storm moved in relatively early, but in hindsight given the high probability of storms for that day, I should have stayed home. All in all 15 people around me were struck by lightning, and a dog was killed. It was a terrifying experience; an experience that I never want anyone to have to go through.

Since that day in June, I have always made it a priority to know the weather for each and every one of my outdoor adventures. The problem was that it was difficult to find detailed forecasts for a specific trail, peak, backcountry ski route, etc. Sure, I could search the nearest town, but in the Colorado Rockies, that doesn’t really help.

There is also; which is an EXCELLENT website for weather. But even after years of use, I still find myself clicking around clumsily trying to find the relevant information. Over the years, I found my “go to” sources for weather, but it always meant that I needed to access several sites to find the information I was looking for.

Why wasn’t there a tool focused on weather for outdoor adventures with all the relevant information displayed in 1 neat mobile-friendly website?

With this in mind, I decided to build TrekWeather. My goal is to create a modern simplistic website where users can search for specific trails, peaks, and ski resorts to get a detailed and pinpointed weather forecast.

I hope it helps the outdoor enthusiast travel safely while being in the places they love.

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