November 18, 2019

⛷️🎿Launched my first version of snow-stake cams.

Bret Doucette @bretdoucette

From what I can tell, there is no good way get a list of all snow-stake camera urls for all the ski resorts in Colorado. If anyone knows a good way, please send me a message.

So… for the first version, I was able to launch with 15 resorts. Luckily, these were relatively easy - I was able to find a static url with the latest snow-stake image. With a simple cron task, I ping the url, download the image, format it, and upload it to Amazon’s S3. It runs every 15 minutes.

Check out Loveland Ski Area!

Sadly, for the next 15 resorts, I was unable to figure find a static url, so I assume I will need to somehow hook into a video stream, take a screenshot, download it, format it, upload it to S3, and display it. Web scraping anyone? 🤦

Sometimes simple features, like being able to search a ski resort and see it’s snow-stake are by far the hardest and most brittle to build. Stay tuned (no pun intended) for the next batch of ski resorts

Bret - Founder of TrekWeather