December 3, 2019

Trennd was acquired!!

Josh Howarth @jhowarth15

UPDATE: This is the full story written up:

Hey guys,

Trennd was acquired by Brian Dean of Backlinko!!

It’s so crazy… And it’s thanks to you fellow Indie Hackers showing me that it’s possible to build stuff without funding/team and slowly grow an audience around it.


I hadn’t monetized yet and I was incredibly lucky with how things worked out.


But when I started reading Indie Hackers two years ago, I never thought this would be possible.

I’m writing up the whole story (including acquisition details) which I will post later today.

We’ve got a fresh new look, name and focus now too - Exploding Topics (much easier to remember and easy to spell.) 💃

And we’re launching on Product Hunt today. Both Brian and I will be there replying to comments all day! 🤗



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