I just reached 500€ MRR

Half a year ago I set the ambitious goal to build a software product that will generate the first € for me in 2020. I started coding January 1st, released in March with only a free tier, released a paid tier later and now hit the huge milestone of 500€ MRR 🤯.

I‘m shipping features every week and improve the product. I‘m trying to build sharing into it but it‘s still a long way to go.

I‘m confident I can increase this to 1000€ within the next 3 months although I do have to focus more on customer acquisition as new signups are only about 100 per week (free tier) while I get about 5 new paid customers per week.

Yup, lots to do but it‘s SO MUCH FUN and this is a milestone I would not have dreamed of 6 months ago.

Thanks to all users who provide feedback (I get dozens of mails per week) and to the IH community for providing so valuable insights, advice and motivation 👏.

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    There's something significant about the 500 mark...suddenly seems like a lot is possible once you reach that tipping point. Like it's not just a side project anymore. Congrats!

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      Thanks man, I sure hope so 🚀

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    I think there is a market for it and these numbers will grow fast. Pricing is also cool, doesn't hurt. Overall good job! Best of luck and keep growing.

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