August 23, 2019

After 1 year of R&D, our new fabric tech works!!!

Cory Decker @senorcodecat

We've spent the last year developing a new fabric technology that shows no sweat marks on the outside of your clothes while still absorbing and rapidly drying sweat on the inside. Plus, we wanted an eco-friendly, non-heavy metal based antimicrobial to completely kill smelly clothes for good. All the other products out there use silver and gold that leak into the oceans and can have detrimental effects on the environment. (edit)

Existing labs said it couldn't be done, so we decided to do it ourselves.

After a year of trial and error, it finally F***ing works! We've been swearing nonstop for 4 hours in amazement. (NSFW video upon request).

Our dreams of looking cool, calm, and professional at all times (while being nervous, sweaty, anxious geeks on the inside) are finally coming true! Now I can wear the same clothes for weeks without looking like a slob. Takes the "wear the same clothes" approach of Zuckerberg and Jobs to a whole new level. Clothes that permanently eliminate sweat, stains, and stink.

It's been incredibly difficult to get here, with a lot of failures (and more to come!), but it's now totally worth it. We're making a product we love and can sing the praises of without taking any VC funding. Stoked to start sharing it with the world.

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