February 19, 2020

Soft launched our first productised email service.


As a business, we transitioned last late year towards a more productised model (though not fully) from a more traditional consulting/agency model and saw some incredible results when it came to securing new clients and projects. The benefits of having
a clear and defined process for a small set of niche services removes a hell of a lot of friction from the sales process thats for sure.

Anyway, today, we're soft launching our first fully productised email marketing service which aims at helping B2B companies that are sat on en email database make the most of it. We're big advocates of automation but sometimes the timing just isn't right and subscribers fall out of the back end into the never-contacted realms of the database. This product aims to change that by utilising the humble email broadcast.

A few things we've learnt so far while building this productised service ready for soft launch:

  • Testing the service on existing clients first is incredibly valuable. It's given us results we can use in sales and marketing messaging and also allowed us to hone the delivery process.

  • Asking for feedback from your network improves the quality of your messaging tenfold. Every time we got feedback from someone in the industry, we were able to tweak the landing page and offer to then ask another friend/colleague for feedback. Each time the improvements compound.

  • Counter intuitive to the above point - Not all feedback is relevant. When asking for feedback, you obviously open yourself and your product/service up for input from other sources that may or may not provide feedback that is relevant. Be conscious of this and don't action everything. Trust your gut.

In conclusion, super excited to try and get this new productised service off the ground. If you want to check it out, feel free to take a look - https://tribecto.com/email-newsletter-service/

Feedback is always greatly appreciated.

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