December 31, 2019

Hire my first employee


2 years from start, I hired my first employee. It will be responsible for account managing with new and ongoing clients.

I am very proud of the onboarding process I created for this. After 4 days she was doing 90% most of my accounting job.

Now it's time to shift focus to some strategic things, like new sales :-)

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    That's interesting. How are the things going? Does your employee do his job fine? And did you hire new people?

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      Sorry for late response. Well this hire was the best thing that happen to my business since the start 2.5 years from now. She is taking all client communication while I can focus in product and development. Soon I plan to hire the first full time developer.

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      You've found quite an old thread for asking such questions. But the question is good. I think that the OP has extended his business. It's what business is about - it's about the extension. I have my own business too, after a year of hard working I started to hire new people. Now I have a staff with more than 20 employees. The thing I discovered - now I need managers and schedule for everyone. The more people you get on board, the more complicated things are. I've found a good schedule template here and now I'm using it for my employees. That's how I got things done.