December 8, 2019

Finally, the MVP is out!

Richard O'Dwyer @richardindie

After around 6 weeks of working evenings and weekends, the MVP for TubeSafe is online!

Originally, I started building with the aim of hosting the backups on cloud providers such as DropBox, Mega, etc, however, I quickly found integrating would add limitations and complexity. I've opted to store all data in AWS for the time being. I used Python, Postgres, RabbitMQ and Redis for the initial build.

I'm excited to start showing it to some YouTube content creators. Any ideas on how best to reach out to some?

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    A lot of creators have there email address on there profile. I'd start there. I wouldn't try to push a sales pitch on them, they get sold to all day long. Ask questions and start a conversation that ties into your service but isn't a sales pitch. That's my advice.

    Other thought, once you scale this more I'd setup an affiliate program and offer to sponsor videos for creators. Youll have explosive growth hopefully at that point. At that point I'd zero in on creators teaching people how to become creators themselves.

  2. 2

    clever idea. good luck !

  3. 2

    Seems like a useful tool. Are there any competitors in the market?

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      Plenty of downloading tools, none I could find which offer backup straight to cloud and none which do this automatically for you on a schedule.

  4. 2

    Congrats on the launch! Is it live? doesnt seem to be loading at the moment

    1. 2

      My mistake, the URL is, i'll add a redirect from .org to that.

      1. 1

        I just read that and as surprised you got a dot org.. those aren't usually for businesses. Makes sense now.

  5. 1

    Nice work man. Now the long painful process of getting users and product market fit. Good luck!

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    Have you think of descentralize your storage?

  7. 1

    Smart idea.

  8. 1

    Congrats, this is a very cool milestone 🙌

    How did you decide to build this?

    If YouTube delists you, does it cut off access to all your videos as well? You can't even download them (as the author) yourself? That's nuts.

    1. 3

      Yes that can and does happen. Sometimes they delete your entire Google account at the same time, which makes no sense to me.

      I built it as I saw posts online with people complaining and freaking out when this happened. Although I'm not yet sure if those same people would invest in this kind of insurance policy.

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